USATF NJ Officials Fall LDR Clinic

The Details:

Date: Saturday Afternoon, September 14, 2019
Registration is 12:30 PM
LDR Introductory Clinic is 1 PM to 4 PM
Garwood YMCA

500 East Street
Garwood, NJ 07027

The clinic is free and sufficient for the clinic requirement to get certified. Candidates have the option of also attending a track & field-oriented clinic next March or a later date.

Candidates  must finish eight requirements detailed on the website to get certified.

The first four requirements are to complete an application (available online and at the clinic), pay a $20 national application fee, attend a clinic, and complete a take-home test/review of the rule book that will be handed out.

The other four requirements are to be a USATF member, do a SafeSport online course (about an hour), get a background check, and send a digital picture to our certification Vice Chair.

We ask all candidates to let us know you plan to attend so we have enough materials on hand. Please email: .