Letter to Our Membership


Dear USATF New Jersey Association Members,

We hope you and your family members are continuing to remain safe and healthy.

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented a serious and most difficult challenge to 
USATF-NJ; our sanctioned events, and our members. A challenge greater than any we have ever faced before. The virus has forced the cancellation of all of our USATF-NJ sponsored youth and adult events since the beginning of the New Jersey issued guidelines in March. It has affected the charities that benefit from fundraising efforts of sanctioned events. It has caused pain and frustration to our members. It has forced all of us to quickly change how we interact with our fellow runners and how we train. And it has taught us a new form of racing - "Virtual Racing".

The pandemic has changed everything about how we operate as an association. But what it has not changed, and what it will not change, is our dedication to our members.

The pandemic has also impacted our operating expenses. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, our annual operating budget is determined on income generated from sanctions, Grand Prix events, and membership fees. These three income line items were shut down in March and sanction fees were returned to event directors.

As we reach the second half of 2020, the horizon is a bit hazy and we will continue to operate under great uncertainty. However we do remain steadfast in our optimism that conditions will improve.

We are reaching out to you today to ask for your support of three USATF-NJ fundraising efforts:
Proceeds from the events and tech shirt sales will go towards our Youth programs and the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Information on the virtual events was sent out the week of 7/13 and is available under the links above.

We are being tested like we have never been before, and moving forward, we will need support from you. Our association cannot do it alone, but with your continued involvement, we will succeed!

Finally, and most importantly, we miss seeing you at our events, whether it be an LDR Championship or Track & Field meet. We look forward to coming together when guidelines allow.

Good luck and stay safe.

USATF New Jersey Association